About Roujiamo Joe's

                     FRESH LOCAL INGREDIENTS                        UNIQUE FLAVORS & SEASONINGS

Roujiamo Joe's is has been a concept in development by Chef Joseph Turley for the past five years. With the experience of over 20 years of being a chef, a restaurant owner,, that experience of developing outstanidng menus with exceptional hosptitality has been the buiding blocks for taking adavantage of a new opportunity to create unique food truck for delivering great food and service for all in Phoenix and surrounding cities.  

Roujiamo's are the cornerstone of our menu, they are considered perhaps the world's oldest sandwich dating back to the Qin Dynasty in China 221 B.C.  We pay homage to this century old sandiwch with our own creative twist using fresh and local ingredients providing a fresh presevative and additive-free great tasting affordable menu items. The fusion of East and West comort food selections to round out our delicious menu offerings.